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Sigur Ros

New journal! Yay!


The journal is pretty much just going to be used for posting comments etc.

My actual stuff is going to be posted at my dreamwidth here.


your private messages were set so that i couldn't respond, so here's my response to yours:

ohmygosh, I'm honored! you can link me if you like (i will never say no to pimping 8D) i'm just. really flattered and surprised that it's still remembered. so thank you! and go right ahead :D i would definitely like to read the fic when you post it, though! it is relevant to my interests :D
Ack, sorry about that, I didn't realize I had it set that way... ;;

Thank you!! Heh, I'm glad you're flattered - really with writing all of this all I wanted was to please at least someone so I'm glad to have achieved that at least! :)

Anyway, it's up now here! Sorry about the delay between making public and this comment - I changed it and then my parents spontaneously decided to drag me out somewhere so I couldn't send this comment until now!
Susan Clark Smith donated many of her zines to the National Library in Australia.
:O Oooooh, that's so cool, I never knew that!!

Thanks for the link! :D

help_japan response

[ commenting here as your PM is set to private. ]

hi! thank you for notifying us. if you wish to discount admiralmizaki's bid and designate conceptofzero as your sole winner, please let us know and we'll mark it in our spreadsheets accordingly. please ensure that you make a donation confirmation post for conceptofzero. :)

cheers, h

--- mirroreuler wrote:
> Hello
> Sorry to bother you, but I haven't been able to get in contact with my winning Help_Japan bidder, who still hasn't sent a donation confirmation. My thread is here: http://help-japan.livejournal.com/2978.html?thread=2116002#t2116002
> After I told them they had won, they eventually replied with their request, but though I have PMed them multiple times since then I have not heard from them since.
> Sorry that I waited so long before messaging, but since they did reply to me once I wanted to be certain that they weren't just taking a while to reply. But, there was one other person who did bid, and I'd at least like to fulfil their request if I can.
> Thank you for your time, and also for helping to create such an awesome comm! :)

Re: help_japan response

[Ack, sorry about that - I hadn't realized I had it set that way...]

Yes, I think that's the best thing to do. I'll inform them both.

Sigur Ros

June 2010

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